Finally, a USA Node

Ever since Project Segfault's inception, our servers have been located in Europe. However, according to analytics, Project Segfault receives more visitors from the United States than any other country (38%)! Based off these statistics, we decided it would be a good idea to invest in a VPS located in the US (San Francisco).

Just give me the link!

You can find our US instances in the same place as all our other instances.

What about GDPR?

We understand the privacy benefit of European servers and the risks of American servers. In order to mitigate this concern, we have made an effort to store the least amount of sensitive user data as possible.


I (openssl_rand) have received 200 dollars in DigitalOcean credit, valid for 1 year, that will support the USA node for our first year. After this 1-year period, your donations will be the primary source of funding for this node. Something we are concerned about is our limited, 2 TB monthly transfer. At our peak, we often transfer 15+ TB of data per month, meaning possible extra charges. Due to this, we still ask for your support via donations, and as always, you will be forever appreciated <3

Tech Details

2 GB RAM, shared 1 vCPU "Premium AMD", 50 GB Storage, 2TB Monthly Transfer, SFO3 datacenter region

I hope that this new node will assist in our mission to make the internet a more privacy-friendly place by providing privacy centric services to people all around the globe.

openssl_rand AKA devrand