3 members resigned from Project Segfault & some other news


This is Midou speaking. Last month Devnol stepped down from the project, in order to work on his personal projects and focus on school.

Today, Odyssey and akisblack have stepped down from the project. Odyssey stepped down because he wants to focus on his personal projects and school. He wasn't really that active anymore and had gotten bored. Akis stepped down right after, because he was getting bored too.

As of right now, we're only 4 members, and only I (Midou) am interested in keeping this alive and being active. While we're at it, I would also like to announce that we're...

Discontinuing instances

Since we have limited manpower, we are going to put some services to rest.

Here's a list of the instances that will be shut down, and the reason why it was shut down:

  • Quetre (We're often rate limited)
  • Lingva (Nobody uses it, and it's unstable)
  • Bibliogram (Unfortunately discontinued)

We're also going to discontinue our Minecraft server, since Odyssey has left and nobody is interested in maintaining it anymore.

The instances will keep working until they crash, and they won't be maintained. If an instance crashes, we're going to delete it for good. So use our instances while you can!


I also want to say that all the members left on good terms and did not leave due to drama, toxicity or anything of that sort.