State of Project Segfault: April 2024

This month, we did not have many changes, but we did bring forth a few new services, and some changes to our infrastructure!

Nitter has been revived

Recently, we fixed our Nitter instance by using tokens from throwaway accounts!

However, due to lack of accounts, and stricter rate limits, we have decided to make it donator-only. So if you have ever donated to Project Segfault (Crypto, Liberapay, UPI, whatever), feel free to email us at with valid proof and we will give you the access!

We now have a FreshRSS instance

We now have an instance of FreshRSS, a web-based RSS aggregator that also works with mobile and desktop RSS apps like Newsboat.

You can access it over at Feel free to contact us if you want any extra extension!

The GLUE records and Saga

TL;DR: Gandi screwed us over, and you might have some issues accessing our domains for some time.

Recently, we noticed that our GLUE records (which tell your DNS resolver which IP contains the authoritative DNS server) were not updated on, for which we filed a complaint with our registrar,, which then proceeded to completely ignore our request. Due to this, we decided to transfer our domain to Netim as well, where our original domain is.

When we tried to do the domain transfer however, we realized Gandi did not give us a transfer code, and after almost a week of waiting and reaching out to the .lt registry, they provided us with an invalid transfer code. We also noticed that Netim does not support GLUE records for .lt, which was further confirmed by a support request, where they mentioned that the registry did not provide GLUE support for them (thanks to them for being honest with us). So currently, we are in an in-between state where we literally don't have the GLUE records setup, which means you might have some difficulties accessing our services.

This is a developing issue, we will update you about this as it progresses.

Anonymized Logging, finally

After many incidences of request spam on our services, we have decided to enable anonymized logging using caddy. This means that the first 16 bits of your IP alone, and the domain you visited (without the path or User Agent), will be visible to us.

We did not want to do this, but this seems like a necessary evil going forward if we want to keep our services working well, and in a performant manner, keep in mind that this is in accorance to the Privacy Policy we updated 4 months ago. We just finally got to work on it.

IN Node storage problems fixed, mostly

By moving Gitea's repository archive to the HDD, and shrinking the size of the virtual disk of the IN Node, storage getting full and causing VM shutdown should now be a thing of the past.

Arya had a talk on Project Segfault's infra at MumbaiFOSS 2.0

Arya recently did a talk at MumbaiFOSS 2.0 last weekend, about Project Segfault and our geo-steered infrastructure, and how we set it up.

The full resolution video is yet to be published, but you can check out this recording in the mean time.

Thanks for sticking with us!