State of Project Segfault: Jan 2024

This month, we had many backend, changes, a few frontend tweaks, and finally, a new service as well!

We are now at 200 users on the Pubnix!

The Pubnix, around a year after its creation, has finally reached 200 users.
We would like to thank all the users for making this milestone possible!

We now have an RSS Bridge instance

We now have an RSS Bridge instance, which allows you to create RSS feeds for websites which don't have them.

This is especially useful for modern news sites and such, which remove the ability of using RSS in favour of newsletters and other dumb stuff.

You can access it at and

Kbin is back after around a month

Due to IN Node's SSD not having DRAM (and Kbin being so disk-heavy), we had to shut it down for around a month till we could move it to a HDD, so it doesn't affect performance of other services.

Hopefully, Kbin won't have any more big downtimes.

Teddit and Nitter

Teddit, the other privacy frontend for reddit we used to host, hasn't updated to use the new mobile endpoints as libreddit's fork, redlib has, and hence we have decided to redirect it to redlib.

This was done to ensure that whatever links previously sent referencing our teddit instancs would still be working.

On Nitter's side, the project has come to a stand-still, with the guest account endpoint used previously being restricted by twitter/X. Our service should continue running for a few days to weeks, but after that, we will probably have to discontinue it.

Small Privacy Policy change

To adapt to the new "state" of Project Segfault (pun intended), the Privacy Policy has been updated.

The key changes include the ability for us to temporarily log IPs to deal with attacks for short amounts of time (which has become an even bigger problem with the excessive scraping attacks on privacy frontends in general), and removal of information related to previously hosted services.

We are now on

We are now listed on providers,, a listing of XMPP service providers.

We currently have a 'C' rating, due to the instance being too new. We hope this allows more users to discover our service(s) and onboard easily, especially those doing so from a client like Kaidan which use this list.

SimpleLogin should now be more up-to-date

Recently, while doing a few fixes on Pizza1, Arya realized that the SimpleLogin image he had updated to a few months back was actually a year old (simplelogin/app:4.65-beta), and then after a bit of digging, realized that the image that was actually updated with the new releases was simplelogin/app-ci:latest, and hence moved to that image.

Due to this change, you should be able to also enjoy the new features of SimpleLogin

US Node Bandwidth issues, again

We had our second case of US Node suspension, due to us using too much over the allocated bandwidth. Thankfully however, this time, it occurred only on the 29th, so the issue only lasted for ~2 days.

To make sure this issue doesn't occur again, we have resorted to manual checking, using Grafana alerting to notify us when the bandwidth usage hits 6 Tb+, so we can take the necessary actions.

It is to be noted that the bandwidth limiting script Midou wrote after the first bandwidth issue last year, using wondershaper, kind-of broke US Node Networking, resulting in the bandwidth speeds plummeting to a mere 1 Mbps, and hence, was disabled after a bit of investigation.

PS: Sorry for the report being this late, both Arya & Midou were busy with exams coinciding with the end of month