State of Project Segfault: July 2022

7 months into 2022, things are looking good


Recently we have been focusing on migrating, adding new things, upgrading things, adding members... and now here is the blog post explaining everything that has been going on for the past weeks!

First of all... new members!

We would like to introduce openssl_rand as a new member! He is a new sysadmin here and has already set up a mail server for us (which we were a bit too lazy to do, to be honest), and he did an excellent job in doing so! We got 10/10 on the test, all thanks to him!

We would also like to introduce stephenvk as a new member. He will be setting up a storage backup server with us in a couple of weeks, so we can take storage backups so we don't lose your information. The backups will be encrypted. It is hosted in the United States of America, so GDPR won't apply here I think? I'm not too sure about the legal stuff.

Oh, and we haven't mentioned this before, but akisblack has joined our team as well! He primarily does web development at the moment, and he is well known by at least 5 of us, and we trust him a lot.


Recently we received news that Helios (our server hosted in Greece by Devnol was going to be down for at least a month. This, is a bit too much in my opinion, and the rest of us agreed. And as such, we have started migrating services, and we are proud to announce everything that is important has been migrated. SearxNG, Matrix, Invidious etc are now running on the French server (Soleil Levant).

New services!

Yeah, we forgot to mention, but we have some new services! We don't want to make blog posts every time we get a new service, so just regularly check out the Instances and Gameservers list whenever you fancy doing that. We have added:

  • SearxNG
  • Piped (Invidious alternative with LBRY support)
  • Quetre (Alternative frontend to Quora)
  • Mailcow (this is mostly internal, however, we might use it for a public service later 👀)
  • Minetest (I'm not a big fan of Minetest so I won't play on it that much, but it's kind of anarchy, do whatever you'd like on it.)
  • uhh what more... Oh, and new blog

New blog!

We decided that Bludit wasn't good enough, so we have switched to the Ghost CMS! It is way more modern, user friendly, and has a sick editor. It is also more secure, which is extremely important to us here.

It might take us weeks to set it up to our liking. As of right now, when I am writing this, I haven't tweaked it that much. But in the future, we will make our own Ghost theme so it looks like our website!


In June we got a donation of 0.25 XMR, which was worth around 26.87 dollars when we noticed it. Now, it is worth 31 USD. We don't know who donated it (for obvious reasons), but if they are reading this, thank you SO much for the donation!  We will use the donation in the future to upgrade our infrastructure.

Final words

Thanks to everyone who has been with us ever since we started in April. It's been a lot of fun learning about system administration, breaking services, pissing each other off by running wall in the shell while someone is working on the server, until they removed the wall binary.

If you have anything you would like to say, then do so! Join the General chat on Matrix and talk to us! We are all ears.