State of Project Segfault: November 2023

This month, we weren't as active as before, but still managed to do some key infrastructure changes that will benefit the project :D.

Server News

Pizza1 Migrated to

After being forced to deal with the lack of resources on BuyVM for so long, we have finally migrated our EU Node to another provider, this time in the Netherlands.

We got a 8 GB RAM, 50 GB storage, 2 vCore setup which will hopefully let us run the infra more smoothly.

IN02 has been decommissioned, again

After the RAM upgrade to IN01 last month, and the extra resources that our EU VPS now has, we have decided to decommission the IN02 server, which had also additionally been causing issues for us with random shutdowns (probably just yet another macbook running linux moment).

Invidious and Piped EU, which were 2 of the last 3 services still running on IN02 were moved to our new Pizza1 EU Node, while Kbin was moved to IN01.

Instance News

Invidious BP and EU have finally been merged

The EU and BP nodes of our invidious instance have been merged into one instance, with duplicate users (users on BP who also had an account on EU) being moved from USERNAME to USERNAME_.

If you have any issues logging in after this migration, please contact us.

Our invidious instances now use Piped for Proxy

To increase stability and performance of our invidious instances we have decided to use piped-proxy for all assets proxied from youtube (such as thumbnails). This should result in a better and faster experience for our users.

We are now using Piped EU's proxy for all instances of Piped/Invidious

Due to us not having a full ipv6 subnet on US and IN, we are currently using piped-proxy of our EU node for thumbnails, videos etc. of our US and IN instances as well.

We hope to find some fixes/workarounds for this in the near future.

That is about it for this month, as we mentioned before, we won't have much activity for the next few months since we are busy with our lives and don't have much time to dedicate to the project.