Big news: Soleil Levant is now running GNU/Linux as its Host OS

We migrated our server to a new host OS that isn't non-free.

Yes, not running Linux as host is cringe. Let me explain why we ran Windows Server.

We ran Windows Server on Soleil because at a time we really didn't see a reason to use it that much, as Helios was fine for us, until Devnol told us it might go down for a month, so we decided to migrate all the services to Soleil.

Unfortunately, we did not decide on using another OS than Windows Server at this time. That decision would backfire on us.

OK, I'll cut right to the chase. No fancy backstory, cause I'm lazy.

We are now running Fedora GNU/Linux on Soleil. This means:

  • Probably faster performance as we don't have Windows bloat
  • More uptime (Linux is way more stable than Windows on servers.)
  • Less jank (come on, Windows on servers is a bit jank don't you think?)
  • Superior web interface (I don't even know if Windows Server has a web interface, nor do I care)
  • More freedom

Thanks for reading, and thanks for sticking with us.