State of Project Segfault: April 2023

An animated drawing representing Soleil Levant's increased power consumption.
A visualization of Soleil Levant's increased power consumption.

This month, we got a second domain, made many big optimizations to our matrix instance, setup daily backups, enabled HTTP/3 on all nodes, and more!

New domain purchased

We bought a new domain, as a shorter alternative to

We will be configuring it in the coming weeks for our services.

However, we do not plan on retiring, this is meant as an alternative for those who find it cumbersome to type the long domain.

We will only use 1 or 2 letters for the service name. Eg:

Server News


We finally setup daily backups on all our servers to our 500GB of storage we bought. This should make our servers and services more resilient to data loss.

Moving most of our nodes to Ansible

We have decided to move Pizza1, US Node, and IN Node to an Ansible setup. This is because they mostly host the same services, and maintaining them separately is pretty painful.

You can find a basic version of our configurations on, and the full version will be uploaded once we set it up.

We will hopefully finish this migration in the coming weeks.

Making configs public

Along with the move to Ansible, we have decided to make our configuration files public for most of our nodes.

This has already been done for Pizza1 and IN Node and will be done for the other nodes in the coming weeks and months.

We hope this will make Project Segfault more transparent.

HTTP/3 enabled on all nodes

Caddy, the webserver we use, makes it really easy to use HTTP/3.

This month, we finally set it up for all our nodes.

You should expect better performance on our services when using browsers that HTTP/3.

The US Node transfer limits crisis

DigitalOcean only gives us 2 TB outbound traffic per month, and charges $0.01 every extra gigabyte. This month, we had to pay about $40 of bandwidth over usage fees, and at this rate, we will barely have 2 months left of server. In total, we paid about $53 in just this month's server bills for the US Node.

Our plans are to migrate to another VPS provider (most likely Hetzner) once the free GitHub credit runs out.

We thank all donors who are helping support our project and pay expenses.

Service News

Synapse workers

We have finally setup synapse workers, with the help of matrix-docker-ansible-deploy, for our matrix instance.

This should improve the speed by a lot and allow users to join bigger rooms such as Matrix HQ.

You can find a blog post on how we did this migration on Arya's blog.

We now have a navigation bar to easily switch between our invidious instances.

Pubnix is now proxied through Pizza-1

Thanks to MrLeRien being paranoid about the pubnix going through his IP, we have decided to proxy everything related to the pubnix through Pizza-1.

If you are a pubnix user, you are advised to change your ssh hostname from `` / `` to ``.

Discontinuing Woodpecker CI

In light of Gitea getting an Actions/CI feature, we have discontinued Woodpecker CI.


We finally have a web client for XMPP!

XMPP-Web is a websocket-based XMPP client for the web.

We hope this makes it easier for users to start using our XMPP instance.

-Arya and Devrand