State of Project Segfault: October 2023

And once again we are back with the (somewhat late) state of Project Segfault!

Nothing really happened in this month due to the previously mentioned reduced activity of Project Segfault so we can take care of our real life responsibilities for the time being.

PIZZA-1's last month

The next month (December) will be the last month of Pizza-1, We will buy a different VPS from another provider, this is because it's too expensive for what we want. The price isn't justified, even if it's reliable and good enough.

SimplyTranslate replaced with Mozhi

We have replaced simplytranslate with Arya's project, mozhi after facing some stability issues with simplytranslate.

There should not be much of a change for users since Mozhi is almost 1-1 with simplytranslate.

Planned restructure of all the infrastructure

Since soleil levant shutdown, we had to move things to arya's server, which resulted in an even more janky setup.

Since we had to do this migration in such a haste, we will take some time soon to restructure the infrastructure again and make it maintainable again.

RAM Upgrade for in01

Since IN01 wasn't able to keep up, Arya got a new 16GB stick for IN01, resulting in it now having 24 GB DDR4 RAM.

One Piped for all!

We also plan to merge all our piped instances into a single one with the help of kavin. We just haven't gotten time yet to do that.

Piped and Invidious IN/EU are working again

Thanks to HTTP Proxy on a student credit digital ocean VPS in Bangalore, Piped/Invidious IN/EU are again working!

Matrix bots migrated to

Since Project Segfault shut matrix down this month, we decided to move our existing bots to Nothing much other than that.

That is all. Thank you for reading

Midou & Arya.