We now have Tor Services, XMPP & some other news

Hello! We've gone ahead and set up Tor onion services for most of our Privacy Frontends/Services.

You can find links to the new Tor services on https://projectsegfau.lt/instances. They have the Tor Onion logo on them, which will open the Onion link in your browser.

From our testing, every service works through Tor with the exception of Akkoma, our Fediverse instance, Matrix/XMPP and Piped.

Akkoma makes "clearnet" (the normal web) connections for some media, and we cannot fix this because Pizza-1 runs Caddy which does not allow you to edit links in runtime. However, Nginx can do the same.

Matrix/XMPP & Piped proxying is complex to setup and hence will be done on a later date.

We also have a XMPP server now running Prosody.

It additionally has 100% compliance with XMPP specifications.

Unfortunately, we were not able to find/host a good XMPP web client, so you should use Gajim on desktop and Conversations for mobile to use our XMPP service.

We will also set up a bridge between Matrix and XMPP soon, so if you are using XMPP you can still talk in official Project Segfault rooms.

We're also hosting new alternative Matrix clients called Cinny and Hydrogen. You can find the links to these at https://projectsegfau.lt/instances.

To finish off, we have a new frontend for blog.projectsegfau.lt built into the website using Ghost's API. This gives us more creative freedom and bridges the gap in terms of design and such.

Lastly, I would like to thank Odyssey346 for helping with the formatting of the blog post

Thank you for being part of Project Segfault!